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¤ Ura Jutaijima Ura Jutaijima

Sequel to Jutaijima. This version explains in more detail about the virus and the beginning of the story, instead of just flashbacks like in the first Jutaijima.


Genre(s): Censored, Nudity, Sex, Pornography, Cream Pie, Doggy Style, Impregnation, Mammary Intercourse, Oral, Fellatio, Pregnant Sex, Breasts, Large Breasts, Small Breasts, Dark-Skinned Girl, Deflowering, Female Student, Foot Fetish, Footjob, Game, Erotic Game. Ura Jutaijima Episode 2

Ura Jutaijima Episode 2


Added: Apr 24th, 2018

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Ura Jutaijima Episode 1


Added: Apr 3rd, 2018

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