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Thanks for showing interest in joining our staff! HentaiStream network is getting bigger and bigger, so we need all the extra help we can get!

We are going to open a hentai forum for our network in the near future, so we are also looking to fill in a few staff spots there.

Requirements to get concidered :
- Atleast 18 years of age
- Enthusiastic
- Nice / Funny / Patient

The spots that are open :

- Bloggers
- Forum Admins
- Forum Moderators
- Chatango Moderators
- Content managers
- Advertising Crew

Do you think that you have the time and knowledge to fulfill these tasks? Email us with :
- Information about yourself
- Position you are applying for
- Experience with hentai
- How many hours you are available per day
- Why we should add you to the staff

Email to :


HentaiStream Network.
HentaiStream Network Staff :


  • AsiaNL
  • Position: Owner / Marketing
  • Interests: Hentai / Anime / LoL / TV shows / Movies
  • Dislikes: Anthz2
  • Favorite Hentai: Euphoria
  • Favorite Quote: “Live on the EDGE!”
  • Location: Netherlands


  • AnthZ2
  • Position: Owner / Sysadmin / Web development / App development / SEO
  • Interests: please login to view this information
  • Dislikes: please login to view this information
  • Favorite Hentai: please login to view this information
  • Favorite Quote: please login to view this information
  • Location: Netherlands


  • Krassh
  • Position: “Krassh-sama: Third in Command” / Chatango Mod
  • Interests: Mostly Art stuff
  • Dislikes: Arrogant and selfish people
  • Favorite Hentai: Zoku Koihime
  • Favorite Quote: “Will You Lend Me Your Fear?”
  • Location: Philippines


  • Chikobowoski
  • Position: Content Manager / Chatango Mod
  • Interests: Anime & Hentai, Korean Music and Dramas
  • Dislikes: Nothing much
  • Favorite Hentai: Sweet Home, It’s A Family Affair, Discipline,
  • Resort Boin
  • Favorite Quote: ?Rainbows, Sunshine, Lollipops,
  • and Sundrops.?
  • Location: U.S.A.


  • Vortexa
  • Position: Sexy Demon Neko Chatango Mod
  • Interests: Hentai, Anime, Call of duty, UT2004
  • Dislikes: Assholes
  • Favorite Hentai: Mahou Shoujo Ai
  • Favorite Quote: Dont have 1
  • Location: United Kingdom


  • MikoMido
  • Position: Supreme H-Queen Chatango Mod
  • Interests: Hentai, comic books, sociology, hot chicks
  • Dislikes: anons that don’t know their place
  • Favorite Hentai: Demon Warrior Koji, Words worth
  • and La Blue Girl (obviously)
  • Favorite Quote: “My hips are moving on their own!”
  • Location: AmeriDURP


  • QwaserBlitz
  • Position: Chatango Mod
  • Interests: Hentai / Anime / CoD
  • Dislikes: Onion (Specially when Cut/Eat)
  • Favorite Hentai: Shoujo x Shoujo x Shoujo
  • Favorite Quote: “Do all you want, and Never Satisfy”
  • Location: Philippines

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