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¤ Stairs: Houkago no Album Stairs: Houkago no Album

Based on the manga by Mikan R.

Makoto has been best friends with the beautiful Une since they were kids. Every school morning, he rides his bike over to her place, picks her up, and takes her to the train station where they catch the train to high school. He's very much in love with her, but doesn't do anything until he discovers another guy in his class is about to make a move on her. Is it to late to tell her how he feels? Will fellow female classmate Nonoka confess her love to Makoto?


Genre(s): Uncensored, Coming of Age, Daily Life, Love Polygon, Manga, Romance, School Life, Sex. Stairs: Houkago no Album Episode 1

Stairs: Houkago no Album Episode 1


Added: Jan 9th, 2012

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