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Episode 1: A young girl finds herself in the wrong crowd of friends, always talking about their sexual escapades. But she doesn't have any experience so she feels left out. A friend of hers says "Hey why don't you try having sex with my brother? I do it all the time! She starts slipping down a dark rabbit hole and they end up both having their way with her brother at the same time...

Episode 2: Another shota lover appears! This time its one of the original girl's friends who keeps hearing from them about how fun tiny dicks are. She thanks them but says she has to make some money and heads off to meet her client...who ends up being a young boy. She is worried at first but eventually pulls him into a nearby public bathroom and begins the deflowering...


Genre(s): Censored, Nudity, Sex, Incest, Pornography, Cream Pie, Handjob, Internal Shots, Oral, Cunnilingus, Fellatio, Guy Getting Raped, Thigh Sex, Threesome, FFM Threesome, Female Student, Foot Fetish, Footjob, Shota, Manga. Cherry & GAL’s Episode 2

Cherry & GAL’s Episode 2


Added: Mar 5th, 2018

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Cherry & GAL’s Episode 1


Added: Feb 10th, 2018

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